Improving user's data protection experience

Shield DPO’s website strives to help guide companies to implement data protection strategies. But users were often lost within the process. It was hard for users to tell where they were, what todo next, and how much was left until completions.
  • Project Collaborator:
    Shield DPO
  • What we worked:
    Usability testing, Content Strategy, Heuristic Evaluation, UI design, Modular Design

Data protection is a hard topic. Users need more step-by-step guidance throughout the process to ea sily follow. The information provided should be more understandable, and inform users of their real-time progress and the system status.
1. Heuristic Evaluations
2. Modular Design
3. Guerilla Usability Test
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✍ Solution
UXBoost redefined the website’s look and feel design. We also replaced unclear labels with common language. i.e. “Start here” with “Log in” and “Get an access” with “Sign up.” Established consistency among different navigation menus, to spare users from guessing whether they meant the same thing. Redesigned the progress indicator, so users could easily tell what still needed to be done to secure data protections.
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✨The results
1. A user-friendly system for different types of persona
2. Data protection made intuitive and easy for Shield DPO’s users
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