Enabling a client with CRO
strategies and UX culture

As a lead bitcoin market place, Paxful is eager to learn more about their users, while growing their own lean and agile UX culture. Who are the users? Where are trades breaking down? How can they come up with their CRO strategy?
UX strategies
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    A/B testing, Persona, UX strategy, Behavioral data analysis, Heuristic evaluation

Surveys revealed most sellers were also buyers. Behavioral data identified important markets, user personas, and a typical buyer flow. With advanced UX audit, potential usability issues that led to non-converts, i.e. unsuccessful trade, were found.
1. Behavioral Analysis
2. Heuristic Evaluations
3. UX Consulting
4. Remote In-house Training
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✍ Solution
An A/B test road map was created for their conversion rate optimization (CRO). It aimed to research the redesign’s effect on Paxful’s KPI, i.e. decreasing the amount of canceled trade. Potential usability issues were prioritized base on the PIPE framework. UXBooost also carried out thorough remote in-house agile development trainings in order to grow their organizational culture.
✨The results
Paxful was able to run CRO programs independently. They received 3 months of UXBooost’s consultations rigorously backed up by data analyses, in-house training, and guidance on what UX research tools to use. By the end, they’ve grown a lean agile development mindset within their culture, and were confident to move forward on their own.

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