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UXBoost provided UX/UI design services, UX research for a Web3 product that allows users to stake crypto tokens in a decentralized world. The goal was to optimize the user onboarding process. And create a tutorial that guides users in creating a staking pool, easing user adoption.
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    User research, UX Strategy, UI design
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1. Staking Page/User Flow Modification:
In the realm of blockchain, individuals engaging in staking are required to select a staking pool, connect with a Web3 wallet, establish allowances and deposit amounts, await the deposit processing period, and then proceed with staking. Despite Cartesi's efforts to provide instructional articles, navigating these intricacies remains daunting, necessitating a proficient understanding of blockchain technology. UXBoost has undertaken the task of streamlining the user flow, culminating in a lucid user interface that condenses the process into three succinct steps, thereby facilitating seamless staking for users.
2. Staking Pool Management:
Establishing a staking pool demands adherence to a comprehensive guideline involving node configuration and navigation across three distinct windows. Recognizing the complexity inherent in these procedures, we have delineated various user states and introduced tutorial UI elements. By segmenting the process into five sequential steps, we have significantly augmented the user experience associated with creating a staking pool:
a. Customization of Ethereum node
b. Node setup
c. Commission model configuration
d. Hire Node
e. Pool ENS setup
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About UI element management:
For this project we create a Design System to empowering teams to deliver cohesive, efficient, and scalable digital experiences that align with business objectives and user needs.
Streamline the design and development process by providing reusable components and patterns. Consistent branding reinforces brand identity, builds brand recognition, and cultivates a unified brand experience across channels.
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